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It's so easy to swip

With SwippPay, you can pay in stores, transfer money to others, and ask others to transfer money to you - all on your mobile. Easy and safe. Here are four small movies that show how easy it is to swip.

Privat Benefits for you

  • Choose your own bank account

    You can choose between your accounts every time you swipper.

  • It is safe

    When you sign up for SwippPay, use your birthday date. But only the first time. It provides extra peace of mind. In addition, all SwippPay transfers are encrypted.

  • Pay 2 go

    You do not have to find cards or cash, and you always have the phone on you.

  • Friends 2 friends

    Transfer up to 2,000 a day to your friends (does not include the amount you spend in shops)

  • Pay Online

    You now have the option Buy Online with SwippPay It