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Outstanding solution - many advantages

SwippPay is the only payment solution where the money goes directly from the customer's bank account and into your company's account. It does not mean a time-consuming and expensive intermediary. And it ensures you unique business benefits. First and foremost, there may be money to save on the transaction fee.

Mobile number, POS integration, Webshop integration

Whether you have a webshop, running a small store, a big chain, SwippPay offers an easy and secure payment solution to suit your business needs. 

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Make it even easier for you to get started with our solution. Have we made it possible for you to sign up online. All you have to do is press the button down and follow the step by step wizard. It's all easy, fast and free. - After that you're set up and ready to accept swippPay as payment.

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SwippPay Online

Benefits of your business
SwippPay webshop solution means easy and secure online payment. Payments go directly from the customer's account to your company's account without the use of payment cards. It provides low transaction costs. At the same time, the customer's balance is automatically checked for payment, and when the customer approves the amount, it will be booked immediately so there is a guarantee for the payment.

 It's so easy for the customers
As a customer, you need to find a card and enter the card number, expiration date and security code. With SwippPay, you simply enter your mobile number on payment in the Webshop and approve the amount in its SwippPay app on the mobile.


SwippPay POS

SwippPay POS is a Point of Sales solution for you who wants SwippPay integrated into the store's cash register. SwippPay has agreements with leading POS providers, and more and more people are coming. Your store is most likely already prepared for SwippPay.


SwippPay Mobil

SwippPay Mobile is the simple, standalone solution that simply requires your company to have a bank account.
That's how simple it is
When users pay, they enter the company's mobile number and amount, and immediately after the money is credited to your company's account. Your company receives a text that, in addition to confirming the payment, also contains information about today's total revenue.


Your business becomes visible

By registering your business’s location. you can make it easier for customers to pay and easier for them to find your business. In SwippPay. customers can simply choose your shop and do not need to enter the phone number.
We register your address so your future customer can go into their shop
menu and see how far they have for your store, If your business is mobile, the location will be updated automatically when the phone changes location.

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