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Born to Replace Your Wallet, Completely.

Your heavy, thick traditional wallet should better evolve into a smart app. Finally, a mobile wallet that consolidates all your credit, Send money directly from your bank account without having to think about your credit card information. Save your receipts, and see expenditure analysis on your smartphone.

Your data is secure

All your personal data and financial information in SwipPay app is encrypted and stored on Wise’s secure servers in secure locations.

Pay anywhere in Europe

When you're on holiday in Europe, you can always count on SwippPay. With a few swippers, you can pay the grocery store just about it's in France or Spain.

No expensive fee

With the SwippPay app, it has ended paying a fee. What matters to us is that you get a good experience every time you use our app. Therefore, we have chosen to remove all expensive costs for you.

Send and Receive
Money Instantly

Send money to anyone in Europe using Name or phone number. It's fast, easy, and free to send directly from your bank account You can do all this in the SwippPay Application. You will receive the money in your account within a few days depending on the country you are in.n your account within a few days depending on the country you are in.

Keep Money Safe

Your SwippPay Application can only be accessed with your Payments PIN. If your phone is ever lost or stolen,
you can instantly remove access to your account on that phone at


Pay with your phone for everything and say bye bye to coins, cards and riffling through loose change. It’s fast, secure and incredibly simple to use.

Rewards & Offers

 Every penny or cent spent through Wise automatically earns you rewards, special offers and discounts, meaning you’ll always get more for your money.

SwippPay Application

Our SwippPay app is available on multiple platforms. iPhone app uses TouchID or PIN code, combined with slick interface, to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible. Easily send or receive money through your phone number, name. Manage bank account, save receipts. and see expenditure analysis on your smartphone through SwippPay Mobile App.



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